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RealTime PCR - LineGene 9600 PlusBioer Technology

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ineGene 9600 Plus is the newest product of Bioer`s Real-Time PCR detection system family. Based on LineGene familiy`s tradition , LineGene 9600 Plus performs 96 sample capacity, 5 detection channels and wider temperature range.
Adopting FERROTEC newest Peltier, fiber optic technology and a new global wide range power supply, the highly improved instrument is available for a variety of scientific research and clinical applications.

Hardware article
The hot-lid applies a new method of frame pressing. Six springs are distributed on the block in regular intervals. The pressure frame presses on the springs and the springs force on the block to ensure the uniformity of pressure. Moreover, the hot-lid has a perfect sealing design. The new design of pressure frame has rubber pad embeded around the edge, and it tightly wraps the aluminium heating plate and forces on it to creat a sealed space around the block. This new design avoids the convection of hot and cold air around the block so that the good dynamic uniformity of block temperature is achieved.

TE refrigeration using 72 long life series, the process in TE base plate and the semiconductor substrate using the new adhesive technology, mal

Product software
Powerful software system
- e English interface, flexible program setting, comprehensive analysis and reporting functions, all he parameters can be stored
- can print multiple or single sample report
- emote network provides the most advanced tech n ica I support for Li neGene9600 PI us real-time PCR detection system
- support Windows tablets
- support RS232, USB, Bluetooth interface

Software Interface
The LineGene 9600 Plus software inc ludes Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, SNP Analysis, HRM Analysis function modules. With the preset programs, the user can set up experiments simply and fast.

Operation interface
We can see the real-time temperature curve, application process and real-time fluorescence signal to master the experimental progress.

Software analysis interface
hree different algorithms ensure the accuracy of Ct value analysis. The user can use standard reference set up in experiment to generate standard curve and analyze the results or import external standard curves to analyze and save experiment resources.

Consolidated report
Basic experiment information, experiment process, plate diagram, and amplification curve can be put into the report, which makes it clear and unambiguous.

QC report
afeguarding the accuracy of your experiments,

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