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Costum izolator pentru protectie radiologica si microbiologicaLamsystems

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LIVRARE - incepand cu iunie 2020

Insulating suit of radiation and biological protection.

Made of material with protection against radiation dust, alkalis and acids.

MATERIAL - two-layer reinforced with antistatic coating. The characteristics of the fabric completely coincide with the characteristics of the fabric of the overalls K.IZO.2.

GAS-PROTECTING LIGHTNING provides complete tightness of the suit and protection against the ingress of radioactive dust and pathogenic biological agents into the undersuit space. Lightning starts from the left thigh, passes through the hood and ends on the line of the right thigh, which provides convenience in the process of putting on and taking off the suit.

GLOVES are worn on the replaceable wrist part of the suit for work in high-risk areas. They have the highest level of resistance to abrasion and punctures.

INTEGRATED WELDED FOOTWEAR AS A GALOSH aboutprovides comfortable operation, does not require additional adjustment. It is made of high-strength non-slip material resistant to aggressive environments. It is allowed to wear on a bare foot.

INTEGRATED HOOD with removable panoramic mask MAG-2 with bayonet mount filters DOT Eco 120+ A1B1E1P3. A full-face mask is integrated into the suit, eliminating the possible entry of radioactive dust and pathogenic biological agents into the undersuit space. It consists of a panoramic glass-case, a rubber seal and two side nodes of the inspiration valves.

SEAMS are made by "splicing" of materials using temperature heating. Provide complete tightness and high resistance to loads.


Tensile strength 350/350 N
Tensile strength 3000/3000 N / 5 cm
Adhesion 100 N / 5 cm
Temperature mode of use from -500С to + 700С
Fire resistance 75 mm / min


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